Frequently Asked Questions

What is No. 77?

No. 77 is an organic liquid essence made from 100% natural plant extracts only.

What is the difference between No. 77 and No. 7?

No. 77 is formulated for commercial farming. No. 7 is formulated for home users.

What is No. 77 made from?

No. 77 is an organic essence made from a proprietary formulation that only uses natural plant extracts.

The result is a 100% natural, harmless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly organic liquid.

Why is No. 77 better than other fertilizers/plant supplements in the market?

Besides performing the basic function of a fertilizer, No. 77 is an organic liquid that contains 4 capabilities in just 1 liquid:

1) Fertilizer
2) Pesticide
3) Cure for Virus & Disease
4) Soil Revitalizer.

Why use No. 77?

No. 77 is clean, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-poisonous, non-flammable and easy to use. No. 77 increases farm productivity & shortens harvest cycle.

No. 77 enhances stronger and healthier crop growth. It enables heavier yield and earlier crop harvesting.

Earlier harvesting gives better tasting crops as are harvested in its “young” stage (if applicable).

These simple factors increase your revenue and provide a faster return on investment.

Is No. 77 harmful to the crops, environment or to humans?

No. The liquid is not harmful to crops, environment or to humans. The liquid is made from 100% pure plant extracts.

There are no harmful effects because No. 77 contains zero synthetic or harmful chemicals and zero animal products waste or components.

In addition, our formulation emits a pleasant citrus aroma.

How does No. 77 help the crops and plants?

No. 77 provides crops with necessary vitamins and proteins to manufacture its own food. With adequate vitamins and proteins, plant growth and fruit bearing is enhanced.

To further promote healthy crop growth, the formulation has natural functions that protects and strengthens roots and increases the crop immune system to fight off pests, viruses and diseases. For healthier plant growth, the formulation also helps crops to increase its nitrogen absorption.

No. 77 stimulates chlorophyll production and this increases the photosynthesis activity. You get stronger crops with higher fruit quality and the natural sugar levels are also boosted.

What crops can No. 77 be used on?

No. 77 is suitable to be used on all kinds of cultivated commercial crops, fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, golf courses, turf, lawns, trees, shrubs and even houseplants.

Is No. 77 more expensive to use compared to most chemical fertilizers?

No. In many cases, No. 77 is less expensive to use than other products while enabling healthier, stronger, higher yielding crop and faster harvest cycle.

What other benefits do I get?

With global pressing issues on saving and conserving the Earth, having a responsible corporate image is priceless.

Damages and long term negative effects to the environment from the use of harmful chemicals are avoided when using No. 77.

This enables the general public to form a positive image where your company and business processes are socially responsible.

Why should I stop using my current brand of fertilizer and start using No. 77?

The liquid is a 100% all natural plant extract. Our field tests have shown results that outperforms other brands of chemical fertilizers.

Unlike chemical fertilizers or other chemical plant supplements, No. 77 has no negative environmental concerns associated with the usage of chemical fertilizers to worry about.

No. 77 contains zero chemicals thus there is zero chemical run-offs and does not contaminate the environment or surface and water bodies. You become a socially responsible corporation be doing your part to conserve the environment.

Moreover, if you are cultivating crops that require to be certified “organically grown”, No. 77 qualifies as a 100% organic component which you can use as a contributing part to the organic farming process.