N° 77 – Commercial Farming Users

For All Commercial Crops & Plants

(Made Strictly From 100% Plant Extracts)

No. 77 OrganicN° 77:  Commercial Farming Users.

For all types of commercial crops, vegetables, fruits, trees, turfs, lawn and more.

Providing not only strong and healthy growth, harvest yields increases in a shorter time!

The ingredients used contain natural pesticide functions that keep unwanted bugs and pests away.

Common plant viruses and diseases are cured and existing soil is also revitalized!

Not 1. But 4 Functions.

  1. Fertilizer
  2. Pesticide
  3. Cure for Viruses and Diseases
  4. Soil Revitalizer


  • 20 Litres Pail
  • 200 Litres Steel Drums
  • 1000 Litres Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC)

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